Best Close-Up Magic Adelaide Fringe 2024

Sam King’s Journey to Adelaide Fringe 2024: From Street Corners to Close-Up Magic

Hi everyone, I’m Sam King, and I’m really looking forward to sharing something special at the Adelaide Fringe in 2024. It’s a bit of a step up from my days as a street performer, where each day was a new challenge and a chance to learn. Street performing is tough, but it teaches you invaluable lessons about engaging with an audience and what truly captivates people.

I’ve always found that while street performing is exciting, it does push you into a certain creative direction. You’re often thinking about what works best not just for the audience but also, realistically, what works for your hat at the end of the show.

My perspective began to shift when I developed "TA DA: The Ramblings of a Magician" for the 2022 Fringe. The response went beyond my expectations – not only did the show win 'Best Magic' and the 'One to Watch' award presented by Matt Tarrant, but it also paved my way to the Edinburgh Fringe. This experience was incredibly humbling and a huge honor. Following that, I ventured into something a bit different – a close-up magic show in Bristol. It started as an experiment but ended up being one of the most rewarding experiences. Performing magic up close and personal allowed me to connect with the audience on a whole new level, igniting a passion for this intimate style of magic.

After "Tricks & Stuff" at the Adelaide Fringe 2023, I’ve been inspired to try even more. So, for Adelaide Fringe 2024, I’ve prepared three shows that mix the raw energy of street magic with the personal touch of close-up performances:

Sam King – TA DA: The stage is set at The Garage International for an unforgettable show. It's magic, but not as you know it.

Tricks & MORE Stuff: Building on last year's success, this show is all about bringing you even closer to the magic. New tricks, new stories... NEW STUFF!

The Best Of Fringe Magic: I'm hosting a showcase featuring the finest close-up magicians of the Fringe. It's your ticket to the best magic Adelaide has to offer.

So, Adelaide, are you ready for a magical experience that's both intimate and spectacular? Join me at the Adelaide Fringe 2024 for a celebration of close-up magic that promises to leave you spellbound!

In the lead up to fringe i will also be doing shows at The Adelaide Magic Theatre.

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