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Top Close-Up Magic Shows at Adelaide's New Venue - The Lost Dice | Adelaide Fringe 2024

Prepare to be enchanted!

Hey Adelaide, get ready to be amazed! The magic scene in our city is levitating to a whole new level with a super cool close-up magic venue at The Lost Dice, right at the heart of 111 King William St. This is THE spot to experience magic like never before during the Adelaide Fringe 2024. Whether you're a die-hard magic fan or just in for a night of wonders, trust me, this place is going to blow your mind.

Here at The Lost Dice, you'll find the crème de la crème of close-up magic, perfectly capturing the essence of the Fringe spirit. Let's dive into some of the best close-up magic shows that will grace this magical hub:

Best Of Fringe Magic Show At Adelaide Fringe

Best of Fringe Magic – A Spectacular Blend: 

Dive into a world where comedy meets magic in an intimate setting, curated by the award-winning Sam King. This show is a cornerstone of Adelaide's vibrant magic scene, offering a variety of acts that will leave you spellbound.

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Headshot of Stuart Lightbody

Stuart Lightbody's The Magic Eye – Visual Wonder:

South African Magic Champion Stuart Lightbody brings his award-winning visual illusions to Adelaide. His show is a perfect example of why the Fringe is renowned for showcasing global talent in close-up magic.

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Headshot of LJ Magician

Working Class Magician – LJ's Everyday Enchantment:

Transform your view of the mundane with LJ's unique approach to magic. Using everyday objects, he creates a magical experience that resonates with the heart of Adelaide's working class.

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Secrets Not Worth Knowing

Secrets Not Worth Knowing – Contemporary Magic's New Wave:

Debut artists Clement Kwok and Aby Thomas present a fresh take on magic. This show is a must-see for those looking to experience the future of magical performances.

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Hypnos Rob Ellinger

HYPNOS – The Hypnotic Fusion:

A unique blend of hypnosis and magic awaits you in this show. It's a journey into a world of deep trance and wonder, showcasing a side of magic rarely seen in Adelaide.

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Sam King Tricks And More Stuff

Sam King: Tricks & MORE Stuff – Absurdly Amazing:

Sam King returns with a blend of absurdity, magic, and comedy. This intimate 30-seat show offers an up-close experience of Sam's unique style, perfect for Fringe enthusiasts looking for a laugh along with their awe.

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Discover the Magic of Adelaide Fringe:

Don't miss these mesmerizing performances that highlight the diversity and creativity of the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Book your tickets now and be part of the magic!

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