Sam King: Adelaide's Master of Magic

Sam King: Australia's Captivating Magician

Sam King, an Adelaide-based magician, has quickly become one of Australia's most celebrated entertainers. After winning the Australian Street Entertainment Championships in 2014, Sam's magical journey has taken him to 17 countries, charming audiences with his unique brand of magic. He's not just a local favorite; Sam has graced some of the world’s most renowned festivals, including the Edinburgh Fringe, Prague Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, and Brighton Fringe.

Currently, Sam captivates weekly audiences at his founded POP-UP venue, The Close-up Magic Theatre in Adelaide inside The Lost Dice, providing an intimate and mesmerizing experience. Whether performing on the streets of Adelaide or on international stages, Sam King combines technical prowess with a genuine connection to his audience. His magic transcends the spectacle, creating moments of wonder for every spectator.

Invite Sam King to bring a touch of enchantment to your event, whether in Australia or abroad, and experience the magic that has made him a sought-after entertainer in festivals and venues around the globe.