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Vagabond Leather

Playing Card Holster

Playing Card Holster

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This is a beautiful moulding playing card case designed to comfortably fit a standard size of playing cards.

The construction process consisted of soaking the leather then moulding it to the shape of a deck of cards. When the leather is dries, it hardens into the shape of the cards. This gives a very snug fit.

Because of how the cards fit to the case this will help the cards hold their shape and prevent you from developing a "click" in the deck. Similar to how a card clip works.

The cards is then dyed to the desired colour and stitched by hand to include a small back pocket to fit business cards for easy access.

Made from 100% full grain vegetable tanned leather for quality and durability.

The case has stainless steel belt clip attached so cards can be holstered onto you belt and tucked under a jacket to save on pocket space.

A unique piece of equipment for the working magician.

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