The Vagabond

One of a kind, Vegetable Tanned
Leather Wallets

The Traditional

A unique take on a timeless design. Classic bifold wallet made from Kangaroo and Cow Hide

Vagabond Leather

Samuel King got his start as a Street Performer at the age of 18 on the harsh and unforgiving streets of Adelaide, Australia. Mentored by various other Street Performers and magicians Sam took their advice, Left Adelaide soon After and spent the next 8 years travelling and performing full time.
As someone who made their living solely from the money that came from passing his hat Sam soon came to understand the importance of having the correct tools of the trade.

Sam got his start in leather work after becoming friends with renowned street performer Gazzo. Gazzo, who was well known in the industry for his Cups and Balls routine and Leather Work. In 2017 Gazzo gave Sam the rights to continue his Leather Work and making the Pouches Gazzo was so well know for.

Vagabond Leather was started by Samuel King in 2020. Sam aims to bring performers leather goods and props that will last the test of time.

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