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Cylinder and Coin Routine By Sam King(Download)

Cylinder and Coin Routine By Sam King(Download)

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This is a coin, cork and cylinder routine. A variation on the classic that uses no expensive coin gimmick. It's easier to do, visual and the moves here could be adapted to your existing cylinder and coin routine.

What you'll need?

- Coin Cylinder

- A Cork

- And Some Coins

- No Gimmicks

What's Taught?

- A Cylinder and One Coin Routine

- Two Bonus Ideas and some thoughts

What's not taught?

 - A Basic Coin Vanish... Its expected that you have some knowledge of coin magic if you pick this up.


I HIGHLY HIGHLY reccomend this download.

What Samuel King has put together is simply LOVELY to watch and the methods are just SO outside the box when it comes to this plot. You will not regret this.

In fact it's so BEAUTIFUL, I was watching this saying over and over "dammit I wish I would of thought of this"


- Justin Miller


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