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Sticky Situation - Gum to Lollipop by Sam King (Download)

Sticky Situation - Gum to Lollipop by Sam King (Download)

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Gum to Lollipop by Sam King

"I cannot STRESS how strong this trick is in a show" - Jason Maher

"Gum to Lollipop," a practical and engaging magic trick by Sam King, celebrated for its effectiveness in various performance settings. This trick artfully turns a magician's mishap into an opportunity for humor and surprise. What begins as a sticky predicament quickly transforms, allowing you to navigate an awkward scenario with comedic finesse and charm. It's a clever blend of trouble and triumph that leaves audiences both amused and amazed.

Features of the Trick:

  • Versatile Performance: Ideal for street magic, family shows and kids parties, this trick excels in engaging a wide range of audiences with its relatable premise.
  • Practical and Engaging: Designed with practicality in mind, it allows for seamless integration into any magician's repertoire
  • Interactive Experience: Beyond a simple trick, it offers an interactive experience, creating a memorable moment for the audience.
  • Ease of Learning: Accessible for all skill levels, the trick can be mastered without complex gimmicks, making it a practical choice for both beginners and experienced magicians.
  • Educational Value: Includes over 30 minutes of performance footage, showcasing Sam King's performances at international street festivals, offering insights into audience interaction and presentation.
  • Alternative Techniques: Features additional handlings and tips from Jason Maher, providing a broader perspective on how to present the trick effectively.

Overview: "Gum to Lollipop" stands out as a practical, engaging, and versatile magic trick. Its simplicity in design, coupled with the effectiveness in performance, makes it a valuable addition to any magician's repertoire. The inclusion of performance footage and alternative techniques enhances its value, offering practical insights into delivering this trick with impact. Whether performing on the streets or at family gatherings, "Gum to Lollipop" is sure to delight and amaze audiences of all ages.


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