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Vagabond Leather

The Hitchhiker Wallet (Kangaroo)

The Hitchhiker Wallet (Kangaroo)

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What hand do you hold a deck of cards in?

The Only Handmade Magicians Card To Wallet

Its hard to beat the quality of a handmade product. The Hitchhiker wallet aims to be a no compromise wallet in its function and form.

The Hitchhiker wallet is made completely by hand. Every stitch on the wallet has been placed with a purpose. This wallet was designed to replace your everyday wallet. Not something to be taken out just for a gig or show.  

Not all leathers are made equal. This wallet has been made from the finest vegetable-tanned Kangaroo leather. All made, tanned and sourced within Australia.  Unlike cheaper leathers it will not tarnish. Instead it will patina and get better with age. This wallet will last you years to come. 


  • Four card slots
  • Quality Brass Zipper.
  • 100% Kangaroo leather - no fabric linings used. (Generally the first thing to fail on a wallet)
  • Hand Stitched - every stitch on the wallet is placed by hand using 0.8mm polyester waxed thread.
  • Functional zipper pocket for cash and extra cards.
  • Peek function. 
  • Card to wallet feature. The design of this wallet allows you do to both a palming and no palming card to wallet. 
  • Hand cut and polished edged that are sealed with bees wax.
  • Made in Australia.
  • Every wallet comes in its own laser cut box.

What's in the box?

  • The Hitchhiker wallet in a laser cut box
  • A short explanation of the wallet and tips on use.


Why use Kangaroo leather?

Kangaroo leather is the worlds thinnest and strongest leather. Its circular grain makes it one of the highest tensile strength leathers. This makes it perfect for making wallets. 

Ethics and Environmental Impact of Kangaroo Leather?

Kangaroo leather is one of the more ethical and environmentally friendly leathers  produced. The kangaroo industry is heavily regulated in Australia. Kangaroos are not farmed in Australia. They are all culled in the wild and the leather is just a by-product of the meat production and population control. 

Traditional live stock produces a large volume of greenhouse gases and hard hooves destroy the land in which they graze. Kangaroos do not produce methane and have much less of an impact on the land they inhabit. 

No kangaroos a culled and raised for their leather. 

A note on Kangaroo leather

Kangaroo leather has a noticeable grain. As Kangaroos aren't farmed much of there leather can have small marks and scars. I do my best to avoid scars when cutting from the hide. 

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