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Vagabond Leather

Wooden Playing Card Display Shelf (Single)

Wooden Playing Card Display Shelf (Single)

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Luxury laser cut playing card stand made from natural red oak 7mm ply wood. This stand is cut with laser precision and finished with a natural hard wax oil. Assembled and cleaned by hand. 

The stand can come laser etched with your own logo/name on it, left plain, or given the mark of Vagabond Leather. 

Please select the "custom" option if you wish to customise yours. 


  • Stand comes assembled as a finished product. 
  • Made from durable red oak 7mm ply wood. 
  • Sanded, stained and finished by hand. 
  • This single display shelf is perfect for a desk and fits 9 to 11 decks depending on how you stack them. 
  • Designed with interlocking finger joints that give strength and aesthetic appeal.


140mm x 220mm x 300mm

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