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Vagabond Leather

Wooden Playing Card Display/Storage Rack

Wooden Playing Card Display/Storage Rack

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Luxury Laser Cut Playing Card Stand - A Perfect Addition for Magicians, Card Enthusiasts, and Collectors

Discover the elegance and precision of our luxury laser cut playing card stand, meticulously crafted from natural red oak 7mm ply wood. This stand is not only a marvel in design, featuring interlocking finger joints for strength and aesthetic appeal, but also a testament to fine craftsmanship. Cut with laser precision and finished with a natural hard wax oil, each stand is assembled and cleaned by hand, ensuring the highest quality.

Our stand is a dream come true for cardistry lovers and magic enthusiasts, offering a unique way to display your cherished collection of magic tricks, card manipulation decks, or your prized collector's items. Each shelf can comfortably hold up to 9 decks of cards side by side or 11 decks when stacked on its side (33 decks max). Its innovative staircase design ensures it takes up minimal desk space, making it a perfect addition to any magician's arsenal or a collector's showcase.

For those who seek a personal touch, the stand can be laser etched with your own logo or name. Alternatively, you can opt for the signature mark of Vagabond Leather. To customize your stand, simply select the "custom" option.


  • Comes assembled as a finished product.
  • Crafted from durable red oak 7mm ply wood.
  • Hand-sanded, stained, and finished.
  • Designed for strength and visual appeal with interlocking finger joints.
  • Staircase design for space efficiency.


  • 140mm x 220mm x 300mm

Elevate your magic shows, enhance your card tricks collection, or add a touch of elegance to your hobby of collecting playing cards with this exquisite stand. Order now and showcase your collection in style!

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